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Lake Zirahuen

El Alto Lucero

     ...a real panoramic view to the lake ! ...small, friendly pets are welcome.

...about us




...something about us


We are Alejandra (Ale) and Enrique -your hosts- and we come from Mexico city. 

We moved to Patzcuaro 15 years ago and recently evolved and moved to this tiny rural community called Copandaro de Zirahuen, located right across the lake from Zirahuen on the high part of the west side of the Rivera.

By the way, we both speak English and we live close to the casita that is out for rent and could be very helpful to you with information and other things that you might need. This does not mean that you will not have your privacy, it only means that we will be there for you when you need us.

When we first moved here, all our US friends in Patzcuaro said: "Why are you guys moving away from Patzcuaro? one will visit you there". Our answer was: "We have the best view and real peace and quiet. Our friends will come".

All we can say now is that we have the most popular terrace in the group. We are quiet people but not boring. We don´t organize noisy parties but we have friends that love to come to visit us here to enjoy the fabulous view and the quality of the air.

Now we have the best of both worlds. We are very happy here and have no plans to move elsewhere for the rest of our lives.   

We are here to stay. Going to Patzcuaro is so much fun, but we wouldn´t live there again, or anywhere else for that matter. El Alto Lucero is the best place to live.

Ale and Enrique

Lake Zirahuen

El Alto Lucero