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Lake Zirahuen

El Alto Lucero

     ...a real panoramic view to the lake ! ...small, friendly pets are welcome.

Beautiful and...

... interesting places near El Alto Lucero

Close to El Alto Lucero, there are some beautiful colonial cities that offer the tourist incredible architecture, delightful arts and crafts and of course, all the advantages that every major city has to offer, like malls, health services, etc.

Here we are offering just a glimpse of the most important cities and some small picturesque towns around the area.

Zirahuen. This town which receives its name after the Lake, is a village of farmers and fishermen; where you can also find small Mexican restaurants that offer the visitors, delicious local cuisine.

During the day, you can visit the pier and enjoy some of the best "quesadillas", fresh fish, and of course the renowned and several times awarded "Mexican candies from Zirahuen".

If you like Mexican religious festivities, you can visit Zirahuen?s main square where some of the most traditional celebrations of the region take place. "The Day of the Dead", "Santa Cecilia" and "Corpus" among others. 

Fresh fruit and vegetables. On Wednesdays, you can visit the "farmers market" with the freshest of the day. 

Patzcuaro. The great colonial and historical small city. Just 30 minutes away (15.5 miles aprox) from El Alto Lucero, there is Patzcuaro for you. The great little most magical colonial city where you can find everything that big cities have to offer.

Music, entertainment, cultural events, library, supermarkets, boutiques, health services, great restaurants and lovely "artesania". Patzcuaro is very famous for its lake, "Janitzio" (one of its 4 islands), wonderful handcrafts, "the day of the dead" festivities and certainly, its picturesque colonial architecture.

Santa Clara del Cobre. Some of the world?s most relevant "coppersmith" is in Santa Clara del Cobre. Just 20 min. (11.8 miles approx) away, you will find a great assortment of beautiful and unique artistic pieces in copper. 

Everything you can imagine, is forged right before your eyes. 

Visit the "forge", shop around, have a great lunch and fall in love with Santa Clara del Cobre, one of the most charming towns in the area.

Morelia. This is the capital of the state of Michoacan and one of the most beautiful and interesting colonial cities in the country. Only 1 hour away (47 Miles approx.) driving from El Alto Lucero. Mexican and International shopping, food and entertainment.

Visit "Morelia?s Historical Centro" so you can be dazzled by its wonderful architecture and fascinating past.

Also Costco, Sams and many other American chain stores as well as modern malls and reputable health services, so you don?t miss anything from your home city.  

Great place to spend the day only to come back to the peace and quiet of El Alto Lucero, your home

Uruapan. Uruapan is a medium size city which is located at 33.4 miles (approx 45 min.) from Lake Zirahuen.

Uruapan is one of the oldest cities in Mexico. Here you find all the amenities of a big city like health services, restaurants, movie theaters, Sam?s Club and shopping malls with renown department stores.

NOW ...the main attraction is a natural one: "The Cupatitzio River" (meaning "the river that sings"). There are tourist attractions all along its flow such as the "Cupatitzio National Park" and "La Tzararacua" falls.

Once you enter the national park, home of the Cupatitzio river, you find paths that are riddled with streams of water that exhale their sweet musty breath as they descend toward the river. The forest is wrapped in a powerful mist, emboldened by its fragility where the thunder of rushing water courses through the consciousness of an eternal dawn.

Also, near to Uruapan is the volcano:

El Paricutin. One of the most fascinating geological sites in this country. El Paricutin emerged in 1943 and its ashes and lava covered the whole town leaving one of the church towers intact, as the only architectural witness to this terrifying event ...definitely worth visiting!

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