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Lake Zirahuen

El Alto Lucero

     ...a real panoramic view to the lake ! ...small, friendly pets are welcome.

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LakeZirahuen (2)

Lake Zirahuén ...a Symphonic SlideShow ...

by Enrique Diazruanova on January 27, 2016 at 12:25 PM

2243 Views - 0 Comments

Enrique Diazruanova is a multifaceted artist, but his two great loves are music and photography. Being lake Zirahuen one of the most beautiful and pristine waters left in Mexico, it served as inspiration for this magnificent photography work, all framed with a beautiful symphonic

composition of the same sensible artist. The author reflects in his images as well as in his music a profound love and respect towards the greatness of this small paradise that is lake Zirahuen. Deep, clean, multicolor and forever changing spectacle of nature, lake Zirahuen in Michoacan, Mexico is a gift for natives and outsiders.

Lake Zirahuen - El Alto Lucero (The High...

by Enrique Diazruanova on January 27, 2016 at 12:21 PM

2663 Views - 1 Comment

The "Finca El Alto Lucero" is located right on top of a hill in a tiny town called Copandaro de Zirahuen. This side of the lake is different from the side in Zirahuen. That part is flat and this is high. We have the best panoramic view to the lake. As you will see, our house is a very 

comfortable place to enjoy your vacation, because it is beautifully decorated in a Mexican style with bright colors and lots of light. Completely surrounded by nature. It is a very peaceful and quiet place with a big terrace and barbecue grill.